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A well-loved home is a lived-in home. This is especially true for areas that see a lot of traffic, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and entryways. Hiring proper carpet cleaning services in central Illinois is necessary for a clean home environment.

There are many benefits to cleaning your home carpets regularly.

  • It is easier to maintain regularly cleaned carpets. Your carpet will have longer life, and you will save money.
  • Cleaning your carpet regularly helps maintain its warranty. Many carpet warranties require regular maintenance.
  • It just feels great! Regular professional cleanings will ensure that your carpet is both clean and soft to touch for every member of your family.

A clean carpet makes your home look great. But regular carpet cleaning isn’t just about looking good. There are health benefits as well.

  • Carpets can be a source of indoor air pollution. They hold dirt, dust, and pet dander. Regularly cleaning your carpet keeps these and other pollutants away from your family.
  • Dust mites are a common, yet invisible, threat in many carpeted homes. Regular carpet cleaning helps keep your home free of dust mites.
  • When central Illinois humidity rises, dirty carpets can develop mold. Regular carpet cleaning gets rid of dirt particles and can help prevent mold from forming.
Carpet Cleaning - Before and After

At Candid Carpet Carpet Cleaning, our main goal is to offer you quality, expert service. We know a beautiful and clean home is important to you. We’re dedicated to providing the best carpet cleaning services in Champaign, Urbana, Savoy, and the surrounding area. Our service area also includes Bloomington/Normal and Decatur. Our staff is highly trained in the use of state-of-the-art technology. We will rid your carpet of dust, dirt, allergens, stains, and other unwanted residues.

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  • New clients also receive one free piece of upholstery cleaned (any size).

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  • Loyalty is important. We love our returning clients as much as our new ones. Give us a call today and ask what we’ve got going on just for you!

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